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Lunar Cycle Games and Streaming Consciousness Studios, LLC are proud to announce the release of their first role playing game title! This game pits players against a previously unknown but growing extraterrestrial threat, but it doesn't stop there! Greedy corporations and shadowy government entities also harass, threaten, and delay the players.

Also available is the first expansion: High Seas Encounters for release on August 8, 2018. 

Read more below and grab your copy now!

Deny everything...


Secret labs. UFO sightings. Abductions. What if the conspiracy theories were real? What if the governments of the world knew and condoned actions that involved putting humans at risk for monetary gain or to advance a corporate or political cause? What if government officials thought that they had complete control over advanced alien technology and held indomitable sway over these extraterrestrial beings? What could go wrong?

True Agenda puts players in the role of former military personnel hand-picked to operate in small teams to investigate and shut down these objectionable government and corporate labs and black sites housing dangerous alien lifeforms and advanced technology. Provided with prototype military weaponry, armor, and equipment, these brave operatives come face-to-face with foes ranging from shady, unscrupulous scientists and businessmen to unearthly threats powerful enough to raze entire towns.



Humanity needs saving... from itself

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True Agenda comes in two formats: digital and physical. These are available now for purchase on our products page or from Drive Thru RPG in digital and print format. Visit their site by clicking on the image below.

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Terror on the waves...


Operatives, get ready to dive into two field investigations focusing on new extraterrestrial threats on and under the water. Equip yourselves with new gear to handle increasing challenges and hostile environments. Prepare to face off against additional alien races discovered along humanity’s shipping lanes within international waters. Interact with the people that make their living on the untamed waves, but are they friend or foe? All of this and more can be found in the pages of High Seas Encounters!

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