Have a seat in The Interview Chair.... anyone..?

Have a seat in The Interview Chair.... anyone..?


Although Streaming Consciousness Studios, LLC officially began in March of 2017, original ideas, concepts, and preliminary work began in the early 1990s. Back then, a small group of artists, writers, and designers with big dreams came together to create some interesting and thought-provoking work. Now, these efforts begin anew, building upon those early ideas.


Our Business

Streaming Consciousness Studios focuses on creating unique offerings in the realms of game and graphic design, as well as providing business branding solutions for businesses of any size in any industry. Built upon the idea that no business is too small to produce great ideas, the studio strives to collaborate with those who have similar dreams but may not know the best way to realize them. Additionally, SC Studios looks to identify and showcase emerging and established artistic talent in a variety of mediums through a wide range of products and services.


A little note about the artwork and other projects that we do here at the studios: Everything that is created and/or posted here or elsewhere is protected by copyright law, intellectual or physical, and may not be shared in a manner that violates these protections. If anyone wishes to share or otherwise use any of the images here, please contact the studio through email and we will happily discuss making proper accommodations and granting permissions.


Now, back to our regularly scheduled material... 

Our Staff

Scott is the business owner and lead artist for the studio. His love for art and writing started at a young age and led him to get a poem published in a local newspaper. Later, he become a layout artist on his high school yearbook. Over the years he has undertaken many projects including creating a magazine and working on game design while the owner of another small business during the early 1990s. In the time since his first business venture, he has honed his skills in a digital era and never truly gave up his aspirations in becoming and artist and graphic designer even when his career path took him in different directions. Scott has also undertaken various other projects that include writing and playing bass guitar, and remains an avid movie lover.

Sean is spearheading the game design aspect of the business and will be involved in many of the decisions on the direction the studio goes in relation to released products, along with timing and marketing strategies. He ran his own game shop back in the 1990s and has built upon that understanding of the marketplace and demand as many traditional print solutions turned to digital offerings. He has collaborated on many game design projects over the years, including several that involved Scott throughout various stages of the creative process. Additionally, during this time, Sean has created and maintained numerous contacts within the gaming industry, bringing with him a strong ability to network and reach out to foster beneficial working relationships.

Looking for Help

The studios are looking for an artist to assist with a variety of upcoming projects. The basic need is for interior art, such as ink or charcoal, to be used throughout digital and print media. For those interested, please send an introductory email that includes samples of your artwork or a link to a website that showcases your work to studio@streamingconsciousness.net

Looking to Help?