Branching out

Just a quick message as the final touches are going onto the website. The next 48 hours will see everything coming together, including more social links and other ways of letting everyone know the studios are here.

New artwork was added with a piece entitled "The Interview Chair" over on the Who We Are page. Interviews can be tricky things, either invoking a sense of dread or the opening of new doors. The image is meant to be whatever the viewer feels it reflects for them. This image was also added to our new page over at Deviant Art where we can be found under the identity SCS-owner. Not everything on this site will be posted there, and likewise things may go on that site that do not fit well with the webpage, so please drop by and check it out from time to time. Comments and critiques are welcome too, because everyone always has room to improve no matter how long they have honed their skills.

Other additions to the website will include adding more staff information as we continue to recruit talented people on either a permanent or contractual basis. So be on the lookout for more faces joining us soon!