Continually learning

The studios are gearing up for their first major advertising campaign this summer. During this time, deciding on the best way to showcase what we do is a critical decision that can mean the difference between attracting more clients and simply having the effort flop. So, in an effort to capture the best ideas and display them, pursuing newer methods of expression does, and ultimately must, happen..

My experience with art has been over a long stretch of time, but hardly without interruption. Art classes, drafting, creative writing, and yearbook layout during high school. Some design and communication courses in college. Endeavors in magazine writing and editing. Working with a variety of digital and design software. This long list of accolades certainly looks impressive, but the key thing is that I am still learning. That happens regularly as the studios continue working on a variety of efforts, both with photo editing as well as creative designs from scratch. It is an enjoyable exercise, even if frustration settles in and a piece is scrapped. Learning what cannot be done is as valuable as learning what is accomplishable.

Life is a journey.. make the most of it.