Custom Work and Website Additions

Mad Murphy

The studios just finished up a custom piece of pro bono artwork for a good friend. He was gracious enough to allow the work to be done without any idea of the final product and permitted us to showcase the work here and on Facebook. That image is displayed to the right. The costume work was all his and inspired the overall wasteland theme.

The studios finally has its products and services page up and running. For those interested in purchasing custom art or needing some photo editing done, you now can order directly. We will be running a sale for all photo editing and design work for a good while as a way to celebrate the business launch. Please keep in mind though that all files are digital. We can offer some options to physically print the final artwork, but there are additional charges and the need to obtain information like a mailing address that we would otherwise not require. Please also keep in mind that we need to know what you want done specifically, and that necessitates some communication between us and you. Make sure you provide the studios with a way to contact you. Some services might cost more than listed, but in many cases that is avoidable if we know what you want up front.