Happy Anniversary!

Griffons Lair Promotional Poster.jpg

Yesterday, we celebrated our one year anniversary here at the studios. While the business would not actually begin in earnest until July of last year, our official website release, along with social media sites including Facebook, occurred on March 26, 2017. It has been an exciting year that saw the release last November of our first tabletop roleplaying game, True Agenda. It also saw the release of the first of many expansions, with another slated later this summer. There were also six special commission projects that happened last year, with the latest one having just finished up. There are so many more projects we have planned and cannot wait to share with everyone. Definitely stay tuned here and follow us on Facebook to keep current with everything going on.

The image to the right is the final design for a good friend of mine. His game shop is promoting an online, message based D&D campaign, and this is the design that will shortly become a poster for his shop. Check out the Griffons Lair on Facebook here, or if you are in the Erie, PA area, drop in and take a look.