The Winds of Change.. in March no less

The studios have had to keep everything nailed down while the March winds whip around. Even though we have been quiet here and across social media, things have been progressing nicely towards completing the first major expansion for our tabletop roleplaying game, True Agenda. The planned release date is still firmly in our crosshairs as the art and writing move along as expected. 

The studios are also excited about the upcoming reveal later this year of our second game title slated for a 2019 release. Artwork has even begun on the cover design, allowing for some new design ideas that differ from what has been done so far. These ideas have actually sparked a new art direction for some of the images to be put into the True Agenda expansion. This is a win-win because who doesn't like seeing something new artistically?

Finally, Drive Thru RPG is having their GM's Day Sale that actually lasts for the next 10 days. The PDF version of True Agenda is one of the represented products, and is available for 33% off! This makes it a great time to pick up a copy for anyone who does not yet own it as this is the biggest discount offered to date.