2nd Time's a Charm... at least for now

A fairly productive afternoon spent mostly on the game design aspect of the workload resulted in a redesign of the front and back covers. Stepping away from a project for a while (as mentioned in the previous post) is often therapeutic, but it also allows for the initial "cool factor" of a completed design to wear off a bit. If a design holds up upon return and close scrutiny, then mission accomplished. Otherwise, if something isn't quite right, whether it is a single element or the entire design, then returning to the (digital) drawing board is the only way to correct the issue.

The latter was what occurred, and today was the day to take care of the "problems." Quotes are used there, because the design idea was solid, but certain portions just weren't quite where they needed to be artistically. The back cover was easy, because the original design was simply too bland, but adding a subtle digital art element fixed that right up! The front cover, actually the variant cover, needed cleaner art and required more of a time commitment. A few other interior design elements and pages were also created, and the whole project is once again moving along at a nice pace.