Affiliates and Collaborations

As the year marches on and the studios slowly gets closer to releasing its first official game title, looking at marketing and distribution is a critical component to the release of our product. To that end, we have created an affiliate status with and plan on having them become the sole digital distributor of our product (physical copies will be distributed directly by the studios or through select retail outlets). Clicking on the image to the right will take you to their site for those interested in checking out everything they offer.

Additionally, we will be collaborating with a model for some of our artwork that will be appearing in featured studio projects. We are very excited about this venture, and while it is not exclusive, will still provide us with some quality images for our use! Check out even more information, and a sneak peak of the first finalized image in coming weeks, at my Patreon site here.

This week will also see the ad campaign for the studios kick off on Facebook. Advertising for the game release will happen closer to that time (around the end of this year) but the more traditional business advertising will be ongoing throughout the summer that will include local, national, and international efforts.