No News is Good News?

It has been quiet over here at the studios page mostly because of all the work getting accomplished. As the month wraps up for August, the studios has made a huge advancement in nearing completion of its first tabletop RPG game title. Elements are coming together nicely, and the first round of editing has begun on the sections that have been completed. While it is still too early to announce a release date, 2017 is back in the crosshairs of possibility. Again, however, it must be stressed that the game will not release until it is completely finished, and will not be rushed to make some arbitrary deadline. Too often anymore we see products that would have benefitted by one more pass or a tightening up of a section or two. While the studios is excited to get this product out to everyone, it must be something to be proud of releasing, or else it will not happen.

There is still plenty of other news and behind the scenes looks over at my Patreon page. While most of the news is for supporting patrons, there are a ton of goodies still to be had before and after the release of the game title. Even if you are not able to support my work, you can still follow me. There are occasionally updates that are shared with everyone, patrons and followers, regardless of any pledge.