Release Date is Drawing Near!

First off, I have to apologize to everyone. It has been over two months since I posted anything new on the news feed here. While the studios have been busy finalizing the release of our first tabletop game True Agenda, there has been some neglect on the rest of the operation. The final pages for the game were completed two weeks ago, and editing wrapped up a week ago. Since that time, I have been working with Drive Thru RPG, and their printer, to get the files converted and over for approval. Approval happened today and my proof copy will be shipped to me the first part of this coming week. Now that there is time for a collective sigh by those of us involved in the project, I am able to refocus on the rest of the business and get some information out to everyone on here and in social media.

So, what does life look like after the 17th of November? Well, aside from fulfilling any direct orders, I will begin work on a commission project that has been pushed for far too long. I hope to complete that by the end of the year. Beginning in February, the studios, alongside Lunar Cycle Games, will begin work on the first expansion for True Agenda: High Sea Encounters. Beyond that, there is a personal project I have wanted to complete since late August, but that may get pushed out further depending on if the studios picks up any more business. 2018 is already shaping up to be a busy year. It will certainly be exciting!