Release Date was a success!

It came down to the wire for the final approval of the print copies, but everything was launched on time! PDF and print copies are available on our products page and at Drive Thru RPG. The pre order sale on our page has been extended through the end of November, while over at Drive Thru, you can save money by buying a bundle that includes a PDF and print copy of the game. We will also be looking to bring some additional sales to everyone, including Black Friday, which is only a week away.

The new year will be exciting as well, as work will begin on the first expansion for True Agenda beginning in the Jan/Feb timeframe. With the first two expansions already planned, you can expect ongoing support for the game. The studios are also looking to hear from people who have purchased the game, to get their thoughts, ideas, and anything else they would like to share. We want to deliver the best possible games into everyone's hands, and we can do it by listening to our fans and customers. This is only the beginning!