Where did November go?

Now that things have calmed down from the stress and excitement of the November release deadline, I realize that we are now into December. Where does all the time go? Nonetheless, it was an exciting time for the studios to finally release True Agenda, and now work begins anew with the expansions. The first expansion is not slated until a late summer release next year, but there will actually be something else coming out first. A resource pack is in the creation process right now that will add a few more rules, weapons, and other exciting options to the game. It will be a digital only offering, since after reviewing sales data from the last week, digital files are by far the best seller. It really is no surprise in the early 21st century that most players want their games in electronic format.

In addition to this new information, and the expansion schedule for True Agenda for the next two years, another tabletop game is currently under consideration. While this is still in the very early stages, we could be looking at another game to be released possibly in 2019. More information will be forthcoming once we get into 2018, but we plan on keeping a pretty aggressive release schedule for the next couple of years.