The New Year is good so far..

TA Resource Pack cover.jpg

Everyone at the studios has been very busy these first few weeks of 2018. We launched our first product of the year on the 18th of this month in the form of a mini-expansion for True Agenda. The True Agenda Resource Pack (one) is a nice, little add on to the core rules released last year in November. We went with a Pay What You Want (PWYW) format over on Drive Thru RPG even though we have it listed for $2.00 here on our website. The reception has been phenomenal so far, and it has only been out for a couple of days! There is also a valuable coupon included in the pages of this PDF-only product to get the upcoming late summer release of the first, full-sized expansion entitled High Seas Encounters.

We have lots more surprises in store for everyone in 2018 as we are really just getting started. We are looking to grow our game product line and have several more custom projects lined up as well. Everything kicks into a higher gear starting in February, so stay tuned!