Busy, busy

As we wrap up this week at the studios, significant progress has been made with working on the first game release. The cover design is all but complete, with an unexpected occurrence during the creation of the cover art. Completely by accident, as with so many efforts - especially in art, the original design gave way to a second variant that will be used as a special edition once the game is released. This creative side journey delayed the completion of the original design, but the distraction was worthwhile.

Also earlier this week, the studios created a new spring/summer inspired design that was added to a number of products to be sold over on Zazzle. The storefront is still a bit sparse, but anticipation is there for more unique artwork as we head into summer. Stepping away to allow for creativity to happen at its own pace rather than through deadlines and commitments is therapeutic. As time gets closer for product launch, these diversions will be harder to accommodate, so they are best enjoyed while the opportunity exists.