Checking in

The news section has been quiet of late, but that does not mean nothing has been going on behind the scenes. The studios have been very busy the last few weeks working on the first game design that will be released later in the year. While no release date has been firmed up, design efforts have been progressing nicely. The covers and title page have been completed, and quite a bit of preliminary digital artwork has been completed. Several more art pieces are getting prepped for completion and the writing for the main body needs some editing and transferring over. Once everything is closer to completion, there will be a product page created and an advertising campaign kicked off. Until then, however, continue to look for information to be posted on this page.

The studios are also working on another digital art release. Once that is completed, it will be available for viewing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages and possibly for sale at Deviant Art and Zazzle. Not everything that is created ends up for purchase because there is a level of quality that must be maintained. Some projects are a lot of fun but just do not make for good sellable offerings. However, consideration will be made if there is interest in one of the showcased projects, so always feel free to reach out through comments or emails.